Prevention Of Decline in Cognition After Stroke Trial


November 2015: Baseline paper has been published in Trials

The 'Prevention Of Decline in Cognition After Stroke Trial' (PODCAST) is a collaborative, international, multicentre, prospective, randomised, blinded endpoint, partial-factorial, parallel-group, controlled trial designed to test the safety and efficacy of (i) intensive versus guideline blood pressure lowering, and (ii) intensive versus guideline lipid lowering in patients with recent (3-7 months) ischaemic stroke or primary intracerebral haemorrhage

83 patients were enrolled 3-7 months after stroke and treatment will be given for up to 4 years. The primary outcome is Addenbrooke's Cognitive Examination (ACE, which includes MMSE) and will be determined during and at end of trial by observers blinded to treatment. The start-up phase was funded jointly by The Stroke Association and Alzheimer's Society and tested safety, feasibility and tolerability.

Baseline characteristics, analysis plan and report on feasibility for PODCAST (pdf), Trials, 07/11/2015


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As of close (31st January 2014):
Enrolled patients: 83 with 77 (92.8%) eligible for inclusion in lipid lowering arm
Centres who recruited one or more patients: 23 in UK

The PODCAST team would like to thank all participants for their involvement in the trial: without you, this contribution to stroke research would not have been possible!

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Expression of interest form, version 1.0 (pdf)
Expression of interest form, version 1.0 (doc)
Further documents are here


Newsletter 11, November 2014 (pdf)
Newsletter 10, June 2014 (pdf)
Newsletter 09, January 2014 (pdf)
Newsletter 08, November 2013 (pdf)
Newsletter 07, October 2013 (pdf)
Newsletter 06, June 2013 (pdf)
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Demo/practice website and database

Demo / practice website

Study personnel

Trial Steering Committee:

Trial Management Committee (Nottingham):

Philip Bath (Chair), Kathy Whittamore (Trial Coordinator), Kailash Krishnan (Medic), Polly Scutt (Statistician), Wim Clarke (Finance), Lauren Dunn (Secretary)

Independent Data Monitoring Committee:

John Geddes (Oxford, Chair), Jan Staessen (Leuven), Chris Weir (Glasgow, Statistician), Polly Scutt (Nottingham, Statistician)

Cognition/Dementia Adjudicators:

Alistair Burns (Chair, Manchester), Clive Ballard (London), Gary Ford (Newcastle)

Vascular Events Adjudicators:

Peter Passmore (Chair, Belfast), Amit Mistri (Leicester), Robert Henderson (Nottingham)

Serious Adverse Event Adjudicator:

Nikola Sprigg (Nottingham), Tim England (Derby)


Joanna Wardlaw (Chair, Edinburgh), Daniel Blackburn

Health economics:

Paul McCrone, Martin Knapp (London)

Programming/database management:

Lee Haywood, Liz Walker, Richard Dooley (Nottingham)

Contact details

PODCAST Trial Office
Stroke, Division of Clinical Neuroscience
University of Nottingham
Clinical Sciences Building
City Hospital Campus
Hucknall Road
Telephone: +44 (0)115 823 1770
Fax: +44 (0)115 823 1771

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